C92 台静农书王摩诘诗


Tai Jing Nong · Wang Ma Jie Poetry

Era: Modern History

Calligrapher: Tai Jing Nong (1903 – 1990)

Overview: Tai Jing Nong was a critically acclaimed author and literature critic. He was a member of ‘Wei Ming She’ (transliterated as the Anonymous Association) in the early days of his uprising movement and had scholastic exchanges with the highly respected Lu Xün. Throughout his illustrious careers, Tai lectured at Fu Ren, Qi Ru, Shan Dong and Xia Men universities and Si Chuan’s Jiang Jin Teachers College. He later became a professor at National Taiwan University. Being a remarkable calligrapher and author, Tai’s calligraphy portfolio covers bronze inscriptions, stone inscriptions, tablet inscriptions and masterpieces of varied renowned calligraphers. He was a master of different calligraphy styles, from ‘Zhuan Shu’ to ‘Li Shu’, ‘Cao Shu’, ‘Xing Shu’ and ‘Kai Shu’. Tai was raised in a strict family where he had to learn the ancient poetry and calligraphy as a kid. In his quest for acquiring new knowledge beyond the literature world, Tai once felt demotivated by calligraphy and decided to halt his literary journey. During Japanese invasion, Tai retreated to a confined life. Feeling imprisoned by a strong sense of emptiness and wanting to escape the confines of the raging war, he picked up his calligraphy brush again. He polished his calligraphy with priceless guidance from Shen Yin Mo. His ‘Xing Shu’ calligraphy drew inspirations from Ni Yuan Lu and Shen Ceng Zhi. Tai also enjoyed a teacher-friend relationship with Hu Xiao Shi. Tai was a prolific literary contributor.

Calligraphy Style: Xing Shu