C52 岳飞·满江红


Yue Fei·Man Jiang Hong (The Wrath)
朝代:南宋(公元1127 年-1279 年)
作者:岳飞( 公元1103 年- 公元1142 年)

传说绍兴六年(公元1136 年),岳飞挥师北伐收复失地,大有一举收复中原之势,但当时的宋高宗一心议和,遂命岳飞班师回朝。岳飞因痛感洗雪靖康之耻难以实现,在百感交集中写下了这首气壮山河的《满江红》词。岳飞工词章翰墨,抒发自己的理想与情谊。其文师唐颜真卿、释怀素,并在实践中逐渐形成自家龙姿云震、豪迈越逸。刚劲提拔、雄伟苍劲的风貌,用笔老练精熟地配合着挥运,字字行行纵横跌宕,笔飞墨舞。就书法演进史而言,宋代除苏、黄、米、蔡四大家之外,岳飞也是一位卓然自立的书法家。清康有为评云:“岳鄂王书力斫余地,非但空次绝人,其功夫亦正不浅也”。


Dynasty: Southern Song (1127 – 1279)

Author: Yue Fei (1130 – 1142)

Overview: Legend has it that Yue Fei led a battalion in a mission-critical battle to recover the lost territory in the north back in 1136. Driven by a high-spirited momentum and sheer determination, Yue Fei was bent on avenging the humiliating loss. But he was held back by the withdrawal order from Emperor Gao Zhong of Soong Dynasty, who insisted on a peace deal. Dispirited and broken, knowing that he could never get a second chance to recover the lost territory, he composed his crestfallen feelings in ‘Man Jiang Hong’, literally means ‘The Wrath’. It was presented in such a powerful way as if it could overwhelm the mountains and rivers. Scholars regarded his writing as a fitting portrayal of Yue Fei’s aspiration and fellowship. His style of writing bore the hallmarks of that of Yan Zhen Qing and Shi Huai Su of the Tang Dynasty. In the course of time, Yue Fei flourished his calligraphy style into an individualised paradigm belonging to him. His calligraphy strokes seemed to be sturdy and magnificent, suggesting a skilful calligrapher of distinguished qualities. His enriched calligraphy with redefined vigour and dynamism. The calligraphy works of Yue Fei were therefore accorded with high eminence within members of the intellectual fraternity. Throughout the history of calligraphy development, Yue Fei was one of the very few prominent calligraphers of the Song Dynasty, sharing the limelight alongside Su Shi, Mi Fu, Huang Ting Jian and Cai Xiang. This was further asserted by Emperor Kang of the Qing Dynasty who commended Yue Fei as a distinctively accomplished man of brains and brawn where no one else comes close.

Calligraphy Style: Cao Shu